Surgery on the penis

Men often think about the question of what constitutes a surgical penis enlargement. It must be remembered: this intervention refers to the methods of surgical treatment. Therefore, it is impossible to change the size of the organ to everyone who does not have indications for such a procedure.

Penis enlargement surgery: How is the modification of the penis surgically

The normal size of the erect penis is considered to be from 11 to 19 centimeters. A penis of less than 10 centimeters is considered small, and less than 5 cm is considered a micropenis (this is an anatomical pathology). With deviations from the norm that interfere with normal life, a man is recommended plastic surgery. A man with normal dimensions of manhood can also resort to the operation - although there is no need for it, there is also no prohibition against this, and the owner of the penis decides everything. In this article, we will tell you how it is performed, how much penis enlargement surgery costs, what reviews are left by men who decide on surgical size change.

banana measurement symbolizes penis measurement after enlargement surgery

Changing the size of the penis by ligamentotomy

Now the main operation is to lengthen the penis using the ligamentotomy method. At the same time, the penis itself does not actually change in size, but visually it seems longer, as there is a redistribution of centimeters towards the visible part. This operation was first performed in 1990.

The penis enlargement by surgery takes place according to the following scheme:

  • The surgeon cuts the ligaments at the base of the penis.
  • Frees the corpora cavernosa to the point where the arteries enter them.
  • Fixes the corpora cavernosa in an altered position at the level of severed ligaments.
  • After the surgical sutures are removed and the swelling subsides, the penis will appear 3-5 cm longer.

There are several types of surgical operations depending on the location of the incision (it is possible to achieve penis enlargement through the suprapubic, scrotal, subcoronary incision). Which type is chosen depends on the morphological features of the man's penis - this is determined after consultation with a plastic surgeon.

This does not mean that penis enlargement by surgery is a simple and painless procedure. Plastic augmentation surgery is performed only under general anesthesia. If the patient has contraindications to anesthesia, this operation will not be performed.

You must also remember that a few months after the operation, the penis must be fixed with bandages or plastic expanders so that the ligaments remember the new position. The picture shows one of the options for the expander that can be worn with the combined method of penis enlargement.

"Does it hurt to lengthen a penis with an operation, will there be consequences? " many men ask. Read the reviews and make sure the surgical procedure is not comfortable. The operation itself, as already mentioned, takes place under anesthesia, but after it the man has to endure pain (it lasts a few days) and then discomfort due to an unpleasant, unusual condition. Ideally, the healing process takes at least two to three weeks. After removing the clamps or the expander, slight discomfort is also possible, then everything will return to normal.

Insertion of the prosthesis into the organ

Another type of penis enlargement surgery is the placement of a prosthesis through a transverse incision of the albuginea (this penis enlargement surgery is also called a corporotomy). Enlargement of the penis occurs due to the fact that a prosthesis of obviously greater length is placed in the intracavernous space. This leads to stretching of the skin on the penis. In order to enhance the effect, in addition to the operation to enlarge the penis, a mechanical stretching of the penile tissue (using an expander) is performed.

Different "parts" can be used as an implant. For example, many clinics now use a silicone implant that increases the length of the penis by 5 centimeters. The implant is inserted through a small incision in the groin. The entire procedure takes place under local anaesthetic.

Recovery after such an operation takes several weeks. A man can walk and sit in 4-5 days, but the erection does not return until 1-2 months.

There is a disadvantage to introducing a silicone implant - it cannot take root after the operation. To avoid this, surgical augmentation can be ordered, where fat is pumped in instead of an artificial implant. Adipose tissue is considered the most natural and safest type of penile filler. It is 100% compatible with male tissue, reducing the risk of inflammation to a minimum. After insertion, it does not move (the fat implant is stable), and it also looks the most natural.

Penis enlargement by a surgical method using a certain amount of fatty tissue has another plus - recovery after surgery takes about 5-6 days, and its results are immediately visible. According to doctors, the operation allows you to increase the size of the penis by up to 40% - and it can be both an operation to thicken the penis and an operation to change the length.

The downside is that some of the fat cells dissolve after a year or two and the skin begins to pool due to stretching and formed cavities. This is not very pretty - you will have to do additional cosmetic surgery to pump in new fat or cut away loose skin.

Changing the size of the penis according to the Perovich method

Operations to increase the penis according to the method of Savva Perovich is a complex procedure, but it allows you to achieve quite tangible changes in the size of a man's penis. Penis enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The schedule for the procedure is as follows:

  • The surgeon performs a cardinal division of the organ into its components - the doctor surgically separates the cavernous bodies along the entire length of the hanging part of the male penis (from the spongy body to the glans penis).
  • Between the corpora cavernosa and the head, pieces of costal cartilage from a man are placed, or an artificial (silicone or helium) prosthesis is inserted.
  • As a result, the elements of the penis are lengthened to the desired size (maximum - up to 7 centimeters).

It is worth doing this enlargement operation, only after careful weighing of the pros and cons, it will be impossible to return the previous state of the penis after the operation. It is also worth preparing for a long recovery period. For example, a full erection after surgery will only return after 2-3 months.

Lipofilling of male dignity

Lipofilling of a male penis is a microsurgical non-invasive procedure that does not require open incisions. This penis enlargement surgery is a stepwise subcutaneous injection of the patient's own tissue. It is not used to increase the length - with its help you can only correct the diameter of the penis (by 5-15 millimeters). The material required for the procedure is extracted by lipoaspiration from the places of its excessive deposition in a man's body: in the suprapubic zone, on the hips, abdomen, buttocks.

Since this is not really a penis enlargement surgery, but rather a cosmetic procedure, recovery is quick. A man stays in the hospital for only one day, and then he is discharged, but the patient must refrain from intercourse for 4-5 weeks.

The disadvantage of the procedure is that, as with fat implantation, the result will not last forever. The tissue injected into the penis during this procedure tends to dissolve. You will need to repeat the injections every two to three years.

Transplantation of muscle tissue from the stomach

There is another type of surgery that can be used to enlarge the penis - a muscle flap transplant. A part of the rectus abdominis muscle of a man with fragments of the vascular system next to it is used as starting material. During the operation, the muscle is pulled back towards the penis, where it is fixed to its natural tissue.

Summarize. In the article, we have listed the most important methods of how to enlarge a penis in a surgical way. Many men think about this, but they must remember that augmentation surgeries can be successful and complications can occur, so you need to weigh the pros and cons before getting on the surgeon's table. In half of the cases, surgery is not required and the size of the man is normal (the desire to lengthen or increase the thickness is just a whim). Nevertheless, the doctors in their reviews agree: operations should be carried out only according to medical prescriptions - but it is still a man who makes the final decision about surgical penis enlargement.