Penis enlargement methods at home

Penis enlargement at home is a simple and affordable option for every man. Thanks to the techniques, it is possible not only to make the penis longer and thicker, but also to eliminate or prevent problems in the reproductive system.

Advantages of Home Zoom

homemade penis enlargement

If you strictly follow all the rules of the procedures, home methods will not harm the body.

Enlargement of the male member at home is carried out by men quite often, as only a few decide to go to the doctors. These methods have their positive aspects. These include:

  1. Profitability.Home remedies do not cost as much money as medical methods. This makes penis enlargement affordable for every man.
  2. Simplicity.No special skills are required to lengthen the penis. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the rules for performing a certain procedure by watching the training videos and carefully following them.
  3. No need to create conditions for growth.Many techniques can be performed anytime and anywhere. No special preparation is necessary.
  4. Security.If you strictly follow all the rules of the procedures, home methods will not harm the body.

Attention! Penis enlargement methods have one drawback. The effect of them is observed after a long time. It takes patience to achieve the desired result.

Despite the fact that the methods concern penis enlargement at home, you should first consult a specialist.

Methods to avoid

There are several methods of penis enlargement at home that are best avoided. Otherwise there is a high risk of complications.

Attention! Many methods are based on men's assumptions and have no evidence of their effectiveness. Only a doctor can choose an effective strategy for penis enlargement.


medication for penis enlargement

The main negative effect of drugs is hormonal imbalance.

Most of the pills that help to lengthen the male genital organ contain hormones and biologically active substances. Such drugs usually have a large number of contraindications and side effects.

The use of hormonal drugs can help increase penis size only during adolescence. During puberty, the body is still actively growing and developing. After the growth is complete, such pills will not be able to help.

The main negative effect of drugs is hormonal imbalance. This in turn leads to many side effects. These include:

  1. Failure of erectile function.
  2. Violation of the gonads.
  3. Reduced performance.
  4. Worsening of the psycho-emotional state.
  5. The occurrence of somatic pathologies.

Hormonal agents can also negatively affect the activity of the liver and kidneys, as they create an increased load on these organs.

Suspension of loads

Another method that should not be used to increase the size of the penis is hanging weights from the penis. The technique was used in ancient times by African tribes. Boys were hung with weights on the body of the penis already as children.

Over time, the weight of the load increases. This method allows you to stretch the penis a few centimeters. However, as a result of such procedures, the penis becomes thinner and the erectile function is disturbed. Therefore, hanging is not worth practicing.

Effective methods to increase the size of the penis

methods of penis enlargement

Penis enlargement at home is a simple and affordable option for every man

There are several methods that can increase manhood in length and width. They also have a positive effect on the function of the genitals, increase erection, increase strength.


Massage is a real way to enlarge the penis. The procedure helps not only to lengthen the body, but also to achieve the following effects:

  1. Normalize blood circulation in the reproductive system.
  2. Strengthen erection.
  3. Prevent premature ejaculation.
  4. Increase the body's endurance during intimacy.
  5. Increase potency.
  6. Control erections.

Massage is performed using various techniques. Which one to choose is up to the man himself. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor. It is possible to increase the male genital organ by 5 cm in length and 3 cm in thickness.

Attention! Only regular and prolonged massage helps to achieve the maximum effect. It is recommended to massage the penis every day. Positive changes occur after a month of massage.


The jelqing technique is a massage of the penis. Due to the peculiarities of the procedure, it is called "milking". The technique gives a good effect, increases the size of the penis and normalizes the strength.

Before the technique is performed, the organ is warmed up. Different methods are used for this. You can just apply something warm but not burning. The penis is then brought into a semi-erect state.

Jelqing is performed in two ways:

  1. They treat the organ with lubricant, tighten its body with two fingers and create a ring. Slowly move your hands from the base to the head, stretching the penis slightly. In this case, the fingers should not come into contact with the head. They start the exercise with 40 repetitions, gradually increasing their number, but more than 200.
  2. No lubricant is used. The penis is clamped with the entire palm, squeezed for 10 seconds and pulled forward and to the sides. You must squeeze hard, but so that there is no pain.

Feedback on the Jelqing technique is positive. Men note that with its help it is possible to increase the size of the penis by several centimeters, but massage must be carried out regularly for a long time.


physical activity for penis enlargement

With the help of exercises, it is possible to lengthen the dignity and make it thicker

Gymnastics for penis enlargement at home helps normalize blood flow to the penis, activate the growth of organ tissue. With the help of exercises, it is possible not only to lengthen the dignity, but also to make it thicker.

The following exercises are effective:

  • Grasp the head with your hand and pull the penis up, to the right and to the left. Each time you must fix the position for 10 seconds.
  • Grasp the penis with your palm, slowly raise your hand up. After reaching the maximum amplitude, linger for a few seconds, and then slowly lower the penis.
  • Grab the organ and bend in different directions.

Attention! Exercise should not cause pain. If pain is felt, the lesson must be stopped immediately.

Reception of decoctions and infusions

Folk methods of penis enlargement are the use of means in the form of infusions and decoctions of herbs. They are rarely used by men. Home remedies work due to the presence of tannins in the composition of plants. Herbs alone are not able to increase the size of the male dignity, but products based on them create favorable conditions for growth and normalize strength.

Men use thyme infusion. To do this, 100 g of the plant is brewed with a glass of boiling water, allowed to cool. The resulting medicine is drunk in two divided doses in the morning and evening before meals.

A recipe based on garlic has a good effect on sexual function. 200 g of the plant is crushed, 200 ml of alcohol is added, mixed thoroughly and allowed to infuse for 10 days. Take the remedy 2 times a day, 25 drops.

Use of baking powder

use baking soda for penis enlargement

Before using a folk remedy for penis enlargement, take a hot shower to steam and cleanse the skin

Folk methods do not end only with the consumption of decoctions and infusions based on medicinal plants. For penis enlargement at home, men can use ordinary baking soda. The product is available in every home, so this method is available to everyone.

Before using a folk remedy for penis enlargement, take a hot shower to steam and cleanse the skin. After washing, the skin is dried. Lubricate the entire length of the penis with vegetable oil and sprinkle a small amount of soda on top. For several minutes, the organ is massaged with a sponge, and the soda water is washed off with water.

At the end of this procedure, the manhood should increase by several millimeters. But the effect of soda is temporary, the penis returns to its original state after a few hours.

Penis enlargement at home is possible, but it is undesirable to resort to methods without prior medical consultation.

Is it possible to straighten the penis: an overview of techniques

techniques for straightening the penis

In 30% of men, the penis has a curvature of varying degrees of severity. A small curvature angle of 5-10 degrees usually goes unnoticed, as it does not cause discomfort and does not cause problems in intimate life. Men begin to think about how to straighten a penis when its curvature begins to increase. The organ becomes unaesthetic, there is pain during intercourse, problems with erection.

The causes of pathology can be both congenital and acquired. Congenital pathology refers to intrauterine development. Roughness can be acquired due to mechanical trauma (during intercourse, hard masturbation, from a blow to the groin), subcutaneous defects or scars, especially in Peyronie's disease. And if strong deviations from the norm in fractures or inflammatory processes are corrected by surgery, then with a curvature of up to 70-80% it is not necessary to lie under the surgeon's knife. You can straighten your penis using conservative methods. On the Internet you can find a lot of information about the adjustment of the penis with self-massage, injections, physiotherapy. But real practice shows that the most effective of the methods is wearing a special orthopedic device.

How dangerous is the curvature of the penis

With a slight deviation from the normal shape of the penis, men do not experience problems in their sexual life and do not wonder how to straighten the penis. However, the situation can worsen over time, and a simple congenital curvature or microtrauma leads to serious irregularities in the reproductive organ and with it to serious diseases.

What causes the curvature of the penis:

  • due to deformation of the stem, the blood supply to the penis is disturbed;
  • violation or complete absence of erectile function;
  • the impossibility of intercourse with a strong curvature of the organ;
  • pain during erection.

In addition to pain and a reduction in quality of life, penile shaft curvature causes severe emotional distress. Men are ashamed of their penis, develop a fear of sexual intimacy, the start of an erection. The relationship with the opposite sex worsens, trust in the other half is lost. To prevent such disastrous results, it is important to correct any deformation of the penis. In no case should you lock yourself in and see your problem as unsolvable. It is much easier to adapt the shape of the phallus with a small degree of curvature. After all, the deformation will not go away by itself and will not even remain unchanged, but will only develop and cause more and more discomfort. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the penis and you do not want surgical interventions, an orthopedic device will help you achieve aesthetic changes painlessly and safely.

Conservative penis straightening method at home

effective way to straighten the penis

Today, for this, there are various methods of male intimate plastic surgery, most of which are surgical. Basically, these are expensive operations that require certain conditions, equipment and skills. However, in recent years, simpler and more affordable ways of fixing a member have been developed and used in practice. These include methods of intimate injection contouring, which make it possible to achieve an increase and adaptation of the shape of the curved penis without surgical intervention, general anesthesia, a long rehabilitation period and at a lower cost. The orthopedic device was patented in the United States in 2008. It is intended for independent use to adjust and slightly enlarge the reproductive organ. Using the device is safe, comfortable and painless at home.

The principle of operation of the orthopedic unit and the fitting technique

The principle of effective action is based on the fixation method. The principle of the male penis adjustment technique is mechanical tension (traction) in the problem area, which activates the natural growth of additional cells and the gradual growth of tissues. Using the device, you can create and regulate the load on any part of the penis. With constant traction, microdisruptions occur in the tissue of the stem, and these cavities are filled with new cells as a result of the tissue's natural growth - mitosis. Inside the cell, the nucleus divides into two parts, and then the cell itself divides, forming two related cells with an identical set of chromosomes, the same as the parent. The ability to adjust the impact on any part of the penis allows you to correct any curvature of the penis: left, right, up and down.

The tension method has already proven its effectiveness in other areas of plastic and orthopedic surgery: in the correction of skin defects, treatment of hip fractures.

Complete set and unit unit

The device for straightening the penis at home consists of several components that are easy to assemble and repair. The package contains:

  • ring-base of the unit;
  • metal rods of adjustable length to hold and stretch the penis;
  • flat head platform;
  • two fasteners;
  • two foam tubes for comfortable carrying;
  • two gel softening pads;
  • user manual on CD;
  • information brochure with the method of carrying.

All elements are made of hypoallergenic materials. Clips are made of soft elastic silicone. Metal parts are made of stainless medical steel.

Alternative ways to straighten the penis

In medicine, there are other ways to adjust the shape of the male penis: injections, massage, shock wave therapy, medication.


In the centers of plastic medicine and cosmetology, the method of injection contouring is used to correct the shape and size of the penis. It lies in the fact that various materials are introduced into the trunk: auto grease, silicone, paraffin, hyaluronic acid. The use of synthetic materials is recognized as ineffective and dangerous due to the occurrence of frequent side effects and complications: implant migration, infection, necrosis, fibrosis, tissue sclerosis. However, the method remains expensive. And after the intervention, the patient is forced to give up physical activity and sexual activity for a period of up to several months. Whether it is possible to align a member in this way is an open question.


An extender is a device that is attached to the penis and stretches it. The operation can be mechanical or vacuum. The action of this device is aimed at increasing, and not changing the shape of the penis. The load of classic extenders is evenly distributed along the shaft of the penis and does not contribute to its alignment.


A manual method for correcting the shape of the trunk is self-massage, which consists of a series of impacts in a specific order. These are elements such as twisting, bending, milking, jelq. The authors of the methods suggest taking about 1. 5-2 hours a day for massage. It is worth considering that the effectiveness of the manual method has not been proven. And careless exposure to the reproductive organ can lead to injury and infection.

Medical care

Injections and oral medication are used when the irregular shape of the penis is caused by diseases: defects in the albuginea, subcutaneous plaques, tissue fibrosis, Peyronies, microtraumas and fractures. Hormonal and antifibrotic drugs are injected into the plate as injections. Unfortunately, medicine has not yet arrived at a correct and evidence-based method of medical penile alignment. The drugs used slow down the pathological processes, relieve inflammation in the tissues, but do not provide the desired aesthetic effect. In addition, a sufficient number of clinical trials have not been conducted to determine the effectiveness and safety of the use of drugs. The disadvantages include a number of side effects, such as diarrhoea, nausea, loss of appetite, increased sweating, allergic rashes, etc. The duration of treatment is long - from several months to two years, and a positive result is not guaranteed. In addition, unreasonable treatment can turn a congenital curvature from an aesthetic moment into a serious problem that will be difficult to solve even with surgery. A relatively new method of affecting plaques, which is possible only in a medical institution, is shock wave therapy. It is based on the same principle as the method of crushing urinary stones. Seals in the tissues soften and dissolve, gradually diminishing. But this penile straightening treatment is only used for Peyronie's disease, not more than one and a half to two years ago.

penis enlargement

normal male organ size

Penis enlargement is one of the most popular male surgeries that can be performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons.

In the latter case, we are talking about the following violations:

  • cavernous fibrosis, where the tissues of the penis are partially replaced by cartilage;
  • underdevelopment of the penis;
  • erectile dysfunction, the causes of which are a violation of the blood vessels of the penis or Peyronie's disease;
  • endocrine impotence, which developed against the background of diabetes mellitus;
  • a history of failed penile surgery;
  • the need to eliminate the consequences of operations on the prostate, bladder, rectum.

Penis enlargement has a number of contraindications:

  • severe form of diabetes;
  • oncology;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system (prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis);
  • genital herpes;
  • the presence of wounds and ulcers on the penis.
  • blood coagulation disorder;
  • the patient has a psychiatric disorder.

Penis lengthening surgery

Surgical penile lengthening can be performed in several ways. So, an operation called "ligamentotomy" allows you to increase the hanging (free) part of the penis by reducing its perineal (hidden) part. In this case, the elements of the ligamentous apparatus, which holds the penis in the perineal area, are corrected. Strictly speaking, the original dimensions of the penis in this case remain unchanged, since there is only a redistribution of length.

An alternative option for lengthening the penis is the implantation of an endoprosthesis in the internal space of the organ, which is of course longer. Such an arthroplasty can be accompanied by total mobilization of the penile bones, but it must be remembered that this step inevitably leads to damage to the deep cavernous arteries and pudendal nerves. As a result, the development of erectile dysfunction is possible, therefore such an operation to increase the penis is not recommended for absolutely healthy men without concomitant erectile dysfunction.

Thickening of the penis

Currently, the most popular technique is to increase the thickness of the penislipofilling(transplantation of own fat tissue). This penis enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia. In the first phase of the surgical intervention, fat cells are taken through special skin punctures in the donor areas (abdomen, thighs) using a syringe and a hollow needle (cannula).

Due to the fact that the end of the cannula is rounded, large vessels and nerves are not damaged when the needle moves under the skin. Only fat cells are absorbed in a plastic syringe, as well as a small amount of blood, which is formed when small vessels are damaged. Special treatment of the resulting fat suspension allows you to get a "clean" fat tissue, which is then placed through micropunctures in thin layers under the skin of the penis.

After the operation, the punctures are sewn up and sealed with a surgical plaster. Lipofilling allows you to increase the diameter of the penis by 0. 5 - 1. 5 cm, and due to gravity, the non-erect penis may increase by 1-2 cm in the future.

Another penile thickening technique involves transferring part of the rectus abdominis muscle under the skin of the penis, where axial blood flow is maintained. The flap achieved during the operation is, so to speak, wrapped around the penis for its entire length. With this approach, the possibility of transplant rejection is significantly reduced because the muscles simply unfold on full-fledged feeding vessels. Such an increase in the penis in the clinic implies that the patient refuses to exercise for six months (violation of this recommendation can lead to the development of a postoperative hernia in the anterior abdominal wall).

Enlargement of the head of the penis

This manipulation can be performed both in combination with penis enlargement and as a separate procedure. The most common causes of penis enlargement in the clinic are:

  • discrepancy between the diameter of the shaft and the head of the penis;
  • the impossibility of lengthening the penis with the help of an extender due to the insufficient size of the head (it is impossible to fix the device correctly);
  • the need to maintain the correct proportions of the enlarged penis.

One of the popular ways to increase the head is the introduction of a special matrix between it and the hollow bodies, which increases the diameter of the head both in an upright and in a calm state. The main disadvantage of this technique is the high risk of necrosis of the tissues of the penis, because during the operation the supply blood vessels are inevitably cut.

A safer method is injections into the head of the penis of a gel containing hyaluronic acid. This approach allows you to achieve the necessary volume in a non-erect state, which is an important point when lengthening a penis with an extender. Unfortunately, after 1-1. 5 years, the gel gradually dissolves, so this procedure must be repeated periodically.

Questions and answers

Does the penis get longer or thicker after the operation?

And longer and thicker. Penis enlargement surgery involves the manipulation of 2 or 3 operations at once. For circumcised men this is lengthening and thickening, and for uncircumcised men circumcision of the foreskin is also obligatory.

Why do different men have different growth in diameter?

There is no precise answer to this question. Presumably, this is due to metabolic processes, genetic characteristics and even immunity. But to date, there are no preliminary tests that allow you to analyze the state of the body and predict a specific result.